SafeSoundKids is a web application devoted to the safety and security of your kids. Imagine the possibilities of your program when you can stop worrying about the daily pen and paper tasks. With SafeSoundKids, you get the combined advantage of photo ID cards, barcode scanning technology, and parent notification all in an easy to use web interface!

3 Key Features:
  • Eliminate the paperwork: The time you have for your program is precious and the more paperwork you can eliminate, the more time you have for your kids. SafeSoundKids eliminates that daily paperwork routine by storing your data in the cloud. Everything you need is only a click away!
  • Streamline the check in process: With SafeSoundKids, all your kids get their own photo ID card, complete with barcode for easy scanning. Now all your front desk worker has to do is scan the ID card and Safe & Sound Kids does the rest, like sending an email or text message to the childís parents to notify them of arrival!
  • Keep track of your volunteers: Volunteers are an essential part of your program but they often donít get the attention they deserve. Just like you kids, the volunteers also get an ID card. They check in and out just like the kids do every day. Then, SafeSoundKids will generate a report of all the volunteers that helped you during the day and can even load all their email addresses so you can send them all a thank-you.

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